Premium Accounts


Upgrade to a premium account today to get access to more games, more features, and special benefits unavailable to reguler members as well as recognition of your support of CharityChess.

Subscriptions can be purchased as either a recurring monthly or yearly payment. You will be charged at the end of each cycle on a monthly or yearly basis. As long as your payment information is up to date and there are no issues charging you, you will not lose your premium benefits. If you would rather purchase a block of time without a recurring subscription you can find that on our one time payment page.

Account Level Knight Rook King
Subscription Type

Simultaneous Games 20 50 200
Vacation Days per month 2 days 3 days 4 days
Bonus Donor Points per month 2500 8000 25000
No Advertisements
Live Chess
Development RoadMap
SMS Text Message Notifications
Create Teams
All Premium Accounts also have the following: Special Colored Icon next to your UserName to indicate your Status
Special Colored Avatar Border to indicate your Status
Access to Beta testing area to try out new features before anyone else
Supporting CharityChess

Select the subscription level you would like above to be taken to possible payment methods. If you want to change your current subscription level to a new level you can either cancel your current subscription through your preferences first or you may simply purchase the new subscription level. Your old subscription level will be automatically canceled and any remaining time converted to your new subscription level. If you just want to change how you pay for your subscription you may also purchase a new subscription to convert your old subscription to the new method.

All prices are shown in US Dollars, if you pay using PayPal your price will be converted to your local currency before you pay. No fees are required for converting currency using these methods.

If you pay using check or money order, you may only purchase a yearly subscription and must add an additional $10 US Dollars for processing this payment method. We are only able to accept International or Postal money orders in US Dollars, they are available at most major banks as well as postal offices and Western Union locations. Please write your username on the front of the envelope so we know who the subscription should be applied to. We can also accept personal checks from US based bank accounts. Please allow us up to 2 weeks to process your check or money order. Our mailing address is as follows.

DonorChess, LLC.
113 Burbank Rd.
Ellington, CT 06029-2806

Please note that at the end of your subscription you are given a short grace period to allow for payments to be received or processed before your subscription is completely canceled and your premium benefits revoked. If you subscribe again at a later date your benefits and all relating data will be fully restored.